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ASC Birmingham Success Story Spotlight 

Our Success Stories: Children Always First

Last summer at ASC Birmingham, we had the pleasure of welcoming a group of young people from Children Always First, an independent fostering agency, to our centre for a day of enriching multi-activity watersports, funded by Children in Need.  

Among this cohort was Ryan*, an amazing young boy who began the day unable to swim and scared of water and ended the day water-confident and eager to continue his watersports journey! 

Read his incredible success story below, as told by CAF representative Elliot, and don’t forget to share your own success stories at ASC Birmingham here for a chance to be featured on our  Success Stories Wall! 

 * Name has been changed for privacy reasons. 

“We approached ASC Birmingham to see if they could help us with one of our young people who was unable to swim and had a fear of water. We believed that doing a fun activity on the water with the addition of buoyancy aids would help make steps towards conquering his fear.  

Rob and the team at ASC Birmingham couldn’t have been more accommodating and eager to help and instrumental in creating a truly memorable day. The young person was nervous to begin with but with Rob’s support, he was soon on the water paddleboarding, kayaking and riding around on a speedboat with absolute confidence

I have no doubt that this memory will have a lasting impact on this young person in building their self-esteem and ability to take on new challenges.  

Rob was great in providing the young person with a certificate to commemorate the young person’s bravery and actions throughout the day. The day was so amazing that we decided that we needed to come again as a larger group in the summertime which we did and again was an incredible experience.  

Rob and the rest of the team were incredible and opportunities like this for children in care are invaluable. Our agency, staff and young people will forever be grateful to the Andrew Simpson Centres and actively look forward to having more fun together in the future. A big thank you again from Elliot, Leon, Hannah and all the young people at Children Always First!” 

Elliot, representing Children Always First

It’s always a joy to read feedback from our local community outreach projects, and to know that the work we do here at Andrew Simpson Centre Birmingham is making a tangible difference in the lives of young people. 

Of course, success stories like Ryan’s wouldn’t be possible without the financial support of our donors. To support the vital work we do here at ASC Birmingham, please consider donating to our #LoveYourCentre campaign today: 

Interested in getting your youth group, charity, or school involved in our confidence-boosting sailing and paddlesports courses? Keen to learn more about the incredible benefits of sailing to mental and physical health, or how we can provide careers opportunities and pathways for young people in Birmingham? 

Get in touch with our friendly team on 0121 820 2079, or email us at [email protected] to see how we can help your young people create their own #ASCSuccessStories! 

by Alice Emberton, Sales and Communications Coordinator for Andrew Simpson Centre Birmingham 

Alice grew up on the Devon coast and has been a keen advocate for educational outreach programmes in watersports ever since.