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Charity Information

Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson was an Olympic and America’s Cup Sailor who tragically died in an accident on board the Artemis AC72 yacht in San Francisco Bay.

Andrew passionately believed that all young people should be able to access sailing and watersports – regardless of their background or ability. 

The Andrew Simpson Foundation was set up in memory of Andrew and continues his legacy by providing opportunities for young people to get out on the water and experience the joys and challenges of sailing.

We support anyone and everyone who wants to get out on the water. However, we particularly want to support young people who would not normally be able to access sailing and water sports. 

Our mission is to transform lives through sailing.

Absolutely everything we do is driven by our belief that all young people have the ability to excel and succeed in life and work. We believe that the challenges of sailing and watersports do this by promoting health and well-being whilst also building essential life skills. These skills then enable young people to progress through education and into work.

We run 4 not-for-profit watersports centres. At each centre we run Charitable Programmes which enable which enable young people to experience sailing and watersports, gain accredited qualifications and develop life skills. 

All our Charitable Programmes and fully or part subsidised by the Andrew Simpson Foundation, meaning that all young people can access and participate in the programmes.

A list of our Andrew Simpson Centres can be found below: 

Andrew Simpson Centre Portland
Andrew Simpson Centre Portsmouth
Andrew Simpson Centre Reading
Andrew Simpson Centre Birmingham
Andrew Simpson Yachting 

All our Centres are not-for-profit and act as delivery mechanisms for our charitable activity.

All profit from the Centres, surplus to running costs, is donated back to the Andrew Simpson Foundation to help us deliver our charitable programmes

We would love it if you chose to fundraise for the Andrew Simpson Foundation! 

Head to our fundraising page and download our fundraising pack for advice, tips and ideas on how to fundraise.

The money you raise for the Andrew Simpson Foundation helps us to transform lives through sailing. It enables young people to attend our Charitable Programmes, subsidises all our Community Clubs, supports global sailing projects and funds innovative academic research.

The Andrew Simpson Foundation is committed to ensuring the money donated and raised is spent appropriately and will transform the lives of young people through sailing.

Like other charities, the Andrew Simpson Foundation incurs necessary costs through its work; To run the charity in a professional and efficient way, manage grants and raise funds costs money.

The Charity Commission states, ‘charities can charge for the services they offer. Where a charity’s charges are more than ‘the poor’ can afford its trustees must run the charity in a way that does not exclude those who are poor. The level of provision for the ‘poor’ must be more than minimal/token. It is for the charity trustees to decide this level of provision’

Sailing charities charge for their services because they are expensive to provide and without charging, they will be unable to operate.

The ASF trustees aim to ensure more than 20% of the courses and programmes delivered are either free or very heavily subsidised for those from financially disadvantaged backgrounds.

For up to date figures on our charitable activity please head to our Annual Report’s at the bottom of this page.

The ASF is a Charitable Company (limited by guarantee). Registered with Companies House and the Charity Commission.


  1. It was quick to establish the Company limited by guarantee. This was needed due to the timing of the accident (9th May 2013) and the wishing to receive donations from the Americas Cup ending on the 23rd Sept 2013.
  2. CIOs were a new legal structure at the time and therefore unknown.
  3. The charity wished to potentially take on contracts in the charities name and therefore wanted to limit trustee’s liabilities.

To deliver the services the charity has a wholly owned subsidiary – Andrew Simpson Watersports Limited.


  1. Due to the nature of the risk associated with the delivery of the activities, the charity took the decision to deliver the services through a limited liability company. This offered an additional layer of protection for the trustees and is run by a board of directors.
  2. The charities assets are owned by the ASF and are also therefore protected should the ASWCL become insolvent.
  3. ASWCL is not-for-profit and therefore annually donates any surpluses to the ASF. Any donated profits are then used to deliver on the ASFs charitable objectives in future years. ASF uses ASWCL as a way of generating a sustainable source of funds by offering courses to the general public.
  4. ASF fully or part funds to a significant percentage of the activities, courses and programmes to ensure that all can benefit regardless of their personal circumstances. The majority of these activities are delivered through the ASCs however ASF also funds third party charities and not for profit organisations.

Unfortunately we are not currently running a grant application process. If you feel that your organisation would benefit from a partnership, please get in touch with us.

Unfortunately we are not running a grant application process however if you feel that your organisation would benefit from a partnership, please get in touch with us.

Yes, we are pleased to offer volunteer instructor training grants – We offer up to one placement per year to each club that applies.
If you would like to apply for a volunteer instructor training grant, please head to our volunteer instructor training page.

There are plenty of ways that you can donate to the Andrew Simpson Foundation, but please don’t send cash by post. Instead, please use one of the other options listed on our fundraising page.

Please read our full privacy policy here.

Download annual reports

Find out further information about our charity and view our historic annual reports on the Charity Commission website: Charity Commission Website