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Horizons Children’s Sailing Charity join forces with the Andrew Simpson Foundation to provide life changing opportunities

The Andrew Simpson Foundation (ASF) is delighted to announce that Horizons Children’s Sailing charity, based in Plymouth, is joining the Andrew Simpson Group as a sailing centre delivery partner. This joining of forces will enable Horizons to secure its future, becoming more sustainable and ensuring the continuation of providing life changing opportunities through sailing and water-based activities, to the local community – now and for many years to come. 

Over the past year, conversations between Horizons and ASF identified that our values and aims are very closely aligned, and that ASF could provide resources and support to help Horizons overcome the challenges they were facing, helping to secure their future.  

We are really excited to work together to build an effective and supportive partnership with Horizons joining the Andrew Simpson Group as a local delivery partner for Plymouth.

Richard Percy, ASF CEO

Horizon’s will continue to target disadvantaged, vulnerable, and disabled children and young people, with potential to broaden reach and focus as we move forward. Horizons will continue to break down barriers to access and strive to increase impact by working towards the vision that all communities in Plymouth can access and benefit from the local marine environment.  

Horizon’s team of staff, trustees, and volunteers are very excited about the opportunities that this joining of forces presents. We believe that this will allow Horizons to stabilise, plan ahead, and make the most of future opportunities with a view to gradual expansion of our offering.

Pete Bone, Horizons Children’s Sailing

We look forward to your continued support in this exciting new chapter. 

New Full Time Vacancy Available

We are delighted to announce a new opportunity for a full time RYA Senior Instructor to join the team based in Plymouth, if you are interested in this role, please email [email protected] with a cover letter and your CV.

by Jacob Tyson, Social Media & PR Coordinator for the Andrew Simpson Foundation and Andrew Simpson Centres 

Horizons Children’s Sailing Charity join forces with the Andrew Simpson Foundation