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Sailing for all

The Andrew Simpson Foundation’s Charitable activities

Absolutely everything we do is driven by our belief that all young people can excel and succeed in life and work. We believe that the challenges of sailing and watersports do this by promoting health and wellbeing whilst building essential life skills. Our charitable activities are grouped into three core focus areas; Access & Participation, Careers & Education and Health & Wellbeing. We also support communities overseas where access to sailing and opportunities can be transformative for young lives.

Providing access for all

Access & participation

We believe that everyone should be able to access and participate in sailing and watersports, regardless of background or ability. Therefore, we work to remove any true or perceived barriers to enable and encourage all young people to participate in sailing and watersports.

Subsidised sailing programmes

Sailing programmes which enable young people to succeed and achieve their very best in an affordable and inclusive way.

Subsidised community clubs

Regular clubs which enable young people to feel part of their local watersports community and succeed and achieve their very best in an affordable and inclusive way.

Participation events

Bringing together the watersports community through fun and inclusive events across our network.

Excel & succeed in life and work

Careers & education

We believe that all young people have the ability to thrive in life and work given the right support and opportunities. Our charitable activities remove the financial barriers and support individuals in learning skills, gaining qualifications and building life-long careers.

Subsidised pathway programmes

We support young people across a range of water-based sports to help them succeed and achieve their very best in an affordable and inclusive way.

Volunteer instructor training

A subsidised training programme than invests in people’s futures, allowing them to train, gain qualifications and build a career, then pay it forward with volunteering.

Subsidised diploma qualification

Bespoke programmes to support individuals in progressing in their chosen sports and gaining recognised qualifications, regardless of background or financial limitations.

Transforming lives

Health & wellbeing

We believe that participating in sailing and watersports promotes positive health and well-being. Therefore, we have developed charitable programmes which focus on young people’s physical and mental health.

Subsidised wellbeing programmes

Sailing and watersports programmes suppporting young people with their mental health and providing them with the tools to live a healthy lifestyle.

World-leading research

We have built partnerships with some of the UK’s leading research universities to gain a deeper understanding of the real impact sailing and watersports has on young people’s lives.

Creating a global sailing community

International Activities

The Foundation undertakes a limited number of charitable activities either located outside

of the United Kingdom or with international beneficiaries.